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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose a residential standby generator over a portable?

A residential standby generator has major advantages over a portable.

• Standby generators start automatically after the electricity goes out

• Standby generators are connected directly to your natural gas or LP fuel source and automatically shuts down once the power is restored.
and tied directly to your electrical panel, so you don’t have to fill the gas or manually transfer power to the generator.

• A standby generator increases the value of your home.

• Standby generators don’t have to be moved and hooked up during a storm.

• Running the unit on natural gas or propane means lower running costs and
clean power.

Can’t I just purchase a generator online?

• Working with a generator company throughout the installation process is the best way to ensure you are choosing the correct unit for your home and that the installation will be completed and documented correctly. Yes, you can buy a generator online, however it is best to purchase your equipment from an authorized service dealer and grow a relationship with the company that can maintain your generator throughout its life.

• Purchasing your generator from an authorized service provider also protects your warranty, which begins on the date of the start-up. Online sales are subject to a warranty start date of when the unit was shipped from the factory. In some cases customers can lose 9 months to 1 year of their generator warranty purchasing online.

Why choose MTS to install my generator?

• MTS will manage your entire project from start to finish which includes delivery of the equipment, filing all permits, working with the electricians and plumbers, installation of the generator and closing out all of the permits once the job is complete. With 25 years of experience, you can be assured the job is done correctly the first time.

Does MTS service the generator also?

• MTS provides service for major industrial customers as well as hospitals and municipalities. We provide the same great service to our residential customers by offering several preventive maintenance programs and 24 hour emergency service when our customers need it the most.

Why is Kohler better than the other brands?

• Kohler has been building generators since the 1920’s in Kohler, WI. They design and manufacturer their own engines, circuit boards, controllers, alternators, enclosures and transfer switches. In addition to state of the art coating systems and the best engineers in the industry, it was the logical choice to partner with the best manufacturer in the power generation industry. Kohler’s strong warranty supporting its’ superior quality makes purchasing a generator a worry-free experience.