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Total Project Management

Rely on MTS Power Systems and our 25 years of experience to manage the installation of your Emergency Power System. We guarantee that no critical steps are overlooked, so you can safely enjoy the benefits of having a fully automatic stand-by generator installed for your home or business. From start to finish, the responsibility of each step during the installation is left to us. These responsibilities include planning, filling permits, installation, electrical, plumbing, code compliance, formal startup, commissioning, and warranty registration. Throughout the installation process MTS ensures that the highest standards of quality and attention to detail are maintained. We are your single-source provider for the installation and maintenance of your power generator needs.

Step 1 - Site Survey and LogisticsStep 2 - EngineeringStep 3 - PermitsStep 4 - Masonry and Trenching WorkStep 5 - Generator DeliveryStep 6 - Gas & ElectricStep 7 - InspectionsStep 8 - Commissioning/Warranty RegistrationStep 9 - Continued Service & Support

Site Survey and Logistics

MTS is a fully certified and factory authorized dealership, serving commercial and residential clients. We begin with an expert pre-sales consultation to ensure specification of the best power generation equipment.



What size, brand and type of generator do you need? Where should the generator be placed? How will I integrate it into my electrical system? What codes govern the installation? Can the project be value-engineered to fit my budget? These are the questions our experts will answer like no other company can.

Many engineering firms rely on the professionals at MTS to assist in sizing and specifying the proper system for your customer’s application. Our vast installation experience, product knowledge, and unmatched technical expertise of paralleled systems, BMS integration, and networking allows us to be a valuable resource to both you and your firm. If you’re a specifying engineer call us today to see how we can help you!










Our Permit Department is proficient in filing the necessary paperwork with local authorities and maintaining a close watch on the job submission being processed until your permit has been granted. This service is unique to the generator industry and sets us apart from the competition. Although many factors affect the length of time this process will take, we maintain close relationships with all the municipalities across Long Island in order to streamline the permit process. Our partner network of architects and engineers enables us to provide plot plans, as-built drawings, and submissions. It is no longer necessary to handle these tasks on your own. Total comprehensive service is our competitive advantage.









Masonry and Trenching Work

The MTS installation team handles most masonry, excavation, trenching and boring jobs in-house. We provide the highest level of accuracy in service utilizing our state of the art equipment, manned by our trained professionals. Laying concrete pads, burying utilities and providing crash protection are just a few of the services we offer.


Generator Delivery

MTS can handle specialized rigging of any sized equipment. Whether indoors or out. Our state of the art delivery truck equipped with a crane and detachable, all-terrain forklift make us the very best at getting your new equipment in place. One of many reasons to choose MTS.

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Gas & Electric

Through our network partners of licensed plumbers and electricians we understand the intricacies of installing a generator. We make sure that each step of your installation is handled by a professional who specializes in the job they are doing. The work is not only done correctly, but the process is also streamlined.

Installing Gas Line     Pulling Communication and Load Wires


Following the actual installation of your generator, a certified authority must conduct a final inspection. The final inspection is a critical point in the installation and cannot be overlooked when choosing an installer. MTS will facilitate these inspections, which may include an electrical, plumbing and final inspection.


Commissioning/Warranty Registration

Our factory trained and certified technicians will commission your new power system to ensure proper installation, operation, adjustments and tests are performed. Subsequent registration with the manufacturer ensures your warranty is in place and the generator is prepared to keep you running through the next power outage. Regardless of who installs your emergency generator system, the commissioning is a critical service that MUST be performed by an authorized service center. Manufacturers’ warranties are one of the most important components of your new system and to ensure it’s validated- is critical. Improper installations are the leading cause of system failures and are NOT covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. MTS gladly offers this service, whether we install the equipment or not.

Continued Service & Support

The continual maintenance of your power generation system is critical to ensure that it will be in optimal condition during an emergency situation. Our Preventive Maintenance programs are designed to protect and extend the life of your generator, while ensuring you receive the maximum return on your investment. MTS is a full service provider, therefore we can handle all of your generator needs. We value our customers at MTS and provide exceptional service and support throughout the year to strengthen these relationships.